Window Scene, Triptych

Window Scene, 30″ x 100″, Oil on Canvas

A work in progress… 3 panel painting. It is supposed to be a window scene within 2 shutters. I have been trying to decide what to paint in the window. This Window Scene is hanging in my living room over the couch and has become a conversation piece. 🙂

6/22/10 update: I have finally started the middle panel of this painting. I think the size of the canvas intimidated me. I’ve got to get over the fear of messing it up and just do something. If I don’t like it I can always buy another canvas and start over. No big deal…

2/1/12 update: My last update said I started and I did. I sketched the outline of what I intended to paint… then I changed my mind. As of late December 2011, I actually put paint to canvas. I had another project to work on which through off my deadline, but it’s about 80% finished. I will be finished this weekend, even if I have to paint round the clock.

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