Group Painting Session

I recently celebrated my birthday in St. Thomas with my family. We had a blast… as usual!!! This time was especially cool because not only did we party like rock stars we also got mellow and had a group painting session. It was sooo cool! The group included myself, my BF Ja’Vern (who was a bit hesitant), my cousin Jahweh (who is also an artist), our cousin DeeDee (who was very excited to do her first painting), Jahweh’s friend Elise (artist), and their friend Harry (poet).
Harry, Jahweh, Elise, DeeDee, Ja’Vern
We all had our own canvases and picked one color. After a few minutes we would pass our canvases to the left, where the next person would add to the painting in their color. By the time everyone touched the painting it had transformed into something you hadn’t even imagined. I’ve never painted like this before, it was great! Thanks again to Jahweh for setting it up!

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